Contactless IC Solutions

Implementation of industry leading MIFARE® contactless ICs, readers, tools and infrastructure for bus services, rail lines, airlines, box offices, merchants etc.


Mobile Solutions

Telecoms VAS solutions and digital mobile marketing products for consumers, corporations and government agencies.


Payment Solutions

Innovative payments system based on our mobile solution for users in emerging markets.

Who We Are?

Innovation is our middle name

We are a software, internet, telecoms and infrastructure company focused on emerging market countries and specializing in the (a) implementation of MIFARE® contactless IC products, software and infrastructure (b) provision of Value Added telecommunications services (VAS) and mobile digital marketing (c) development of innovative payment solutions.

We implement and manage cashless and secure fare and other ticketing solutions for airlines, rail-lines, bus services, cab services, box offices and merchant operations.

Our VAS products include Short codes, SMS/IVR, USSD and Mobile WAP/Web while our digital marketing products consist of call credit (airtime) and data based sales promotions platform.

Finally, we are breaking new grounds in payment solutions built on contactless and mobile technologies.

MIFARE is a registered trademark of NXP B.V. and is used under license.